Northern California Full-care Horse Boarding, Equine Founder & Laminitic Rehab, Natural Barefoot, Horse Retirement, Medical Layup, Breeding, Training

Northern California Horse Boarding Facility and Rehab Center

A place for your horse to call home

Little Wing Stables is a full-care equine boarding facility, founder & laminitic rehab center conveniently located between San Francisco & Sacramento. We are family owned with 24-hour on-site management & a hands-on approach to equine health & well-being. More »

Mare and Foal

Welcome Baby Joe!

Born April 13th to Belle and Danny. Pictures

Daily Pasture Turnout

Horses spend the
   day in nice green
     pastures, social-
      izing with their

Top Quality Hay Only

We use only the
   best Teff Grass &
     alfalfa, adjusted
      for each horse's

Barefoot Horse Expertise

Lynn Seeley, the top
   barefoot trimmer
     in the USA, trims
      at our farm 3-
     times a month.

Proven Rehab Programs

Specializing in rehab
   for hoof, leg and
      disorders, senior
     retirement and
    special diets.