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Welcome Baby Joe!

The Little Wing Stables family welcomes Baby Joe, born April 13th to his Dam, Belle, and Sire, Danny. Joe arrived on a beautiful sunny morning, with a little help from Andrew and Brenda. Once getting his bearings, Larry led he and his Mama to their stall for bonding and first nursing. In the days that have followed Joe has shown to be curious, spunky, energetic, sweet, and of course, adorable.

The photo gallery to your right captures the first hours and days of Joes life. We'll continue to update this gallery often so bookmark this page and check back soon!

Mare & Foal Program

Our natural horse environment & philosophy have created the perfect place for breeding, from mating, pregnancy, foaling and early development to weaning. Our focus is on the health and well being of the mare and foal throughout the pregnancy and after foaling. Proper nutrition, vaccinations, excercise and socialization, as well as early natural horsemenship with the foal are central to our philosophy. Our farm stud, Danny, has sired many fine horses that have been born and raised at Little Wing. For Mare & Foal or Stud inquires, please call Brenda at 707-449-0969 or contact us online!